Darren D.K. was going 120 when he lost control and fatally hit two road workers

April 7, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – The 21-year-old Darren D.K. was driving 120 kilometers per hour on Saturday, August 20, when he was surprised by signs of roadworks in the gentle curve on Schottegatweg-Noord, wanted to swerve, lost control, and crashed. This has been confirmed by a technical investigation by the police.  

Two people lost their lives in the accident. They were clearing weeds from the side of the road and standing in front of or on the loading back of their pickup truck. The force of the accident threw them over a garden wall and killed them instantly. One of them lost part of his leg in the impact. 

The two workers wore orange vests. The first victim was 68-year-old Emmanuel C. Martina, who was born in Curaçao. The second victim was 53-year-old Haitian Chrisphonte Decopin.  

Technical investigation 

The technical investigation into this case has been completed and the Public Prosecutor’s Office is awaiting the final details to begin the criminal trial against young Darren.  

Investigators suspect he was trying to catch the traffic light when it turned orange. Just after the Schottegatweg and Beatrixlaan intersection, there was a warning sign indicating that roadwork was taking place and that the speed had to be adjusted.  

Investigation shows that the sign was not clearly visible and was placed too close to the actual work, drivers would hardly be able to see the sign in time, especially at high speeds.  

Darren stated that he had not seen the sign. He lost control of his Mercedes and drove on top of the truck. Police found the truck smeared with blood, leading to the conclusion that either the two men worked in the front of the pickup facing the post office, or they were standing on the back of the truck.  

The impact was such that Christopher and Emmanuel ended up over the wall in the garden of 7 Irenelaan. The black Mercedes came to a stop against the yard wall. 

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