Wife of Adam Stewart, head of Sandals Resorts, loses her battle with cancer, and leaves lasting impact

July 24, 2023  -CNW News -Jill Stewart, the wife of hotel mogul Adam Stewart, executive chairman of Sandals Resorts International, who recently passed away, is being fondly remembered for her strength and resilience during her year-long battle with cancer.

The 43-year-old Bahamian touched many hearts with her openness about sarcoma, a type of cancer affecting various locations in the body, including bones and soft tissues.

According to Mayo Clinic, Sarcoma is the general term for a broad group of cancers that begin in the bones and in the soft (also called connective) tissues (soft tissue sarcoma). Soft tissue sarcoma forms in the tissues that connect, support, and surround other body structures. This includes muscle, fat, blood vessels, nerves, tendons, and the lining of the joints.

Despite facing a devastating diagnosis, Jill was determined to share her journey and the family’s experiences with cancer, showcasing her unwavering will to fight.

Adam Stewart’s heartfelt tribute: A devastating loss and unwavering love

On Saturday, July 15, Adam Stewart, who had been Jill’s best friend for 28 years, shared the heartbreaking news of her death on Friday, July 14 through a Twitter post.

Adam, who met Jill during their time at boarding school when she was 15 years old, expressed that her passing has been “unimaginable,” and he and their three children were heartbroken.

He also spoke of Jill’s unmatched courage, strength, and grace, and how her love would continue to guide them even in her absence.

Adam Stewart
Adam Stewart.
(Photo credit: Sandals Resorts International)

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Remembering Jill’s impact: Tributes from Officials and tourism sector

Tributes also poured in from state officials, people in the tourism sector, and organizations that had benefited from her support, particularly the 10K and marathon running events she endorsed.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness paid tribute to Jill’s courage, grace, and resilience, stating that her story would forever be etched in the hearts of those she touched through her selflessness.

In a similar vein, Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett praised her as a great mother and partner to one of the Caribbean’s finest entrepreneurs, highlighting Adam’s unwavering care during her illness and their exemplary bond as a model of true love and marriage.

From The Bahamas to Jamaica: Jill’s journey of community building through running

Jill left the Bahamas and moved to Jamaica in 2005. She co-owned a pilates studio and was an avid runner, actively supporting Montego Bay’s first 10K/5K run and walk for education, the MoBay City Run (MBCR).

Her commitment to the causes of education, fitness, and the promotion of her beloved city resonated deeply with the event’s purpose.

During the recent staging of the event in May 2023, the organizing committee honored Jill by naming the female 10k trophy after her, acknowledging her immense contributions.

Dr. Luz Longsworth, a founding member, and educator, praised Jill’s inspiration to other female runners and her lasting impact on the MBCR team and countless runners.

Jill Stewart’s legacy will be remembered for her determination, love, and lasting impact on the lives of those she touched, leaving behind a profound sense of grief but also a lasting inspiration for the Caribbean and beyond.

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