Van Huffelen reflects with ‘nostalgia and pride’

June 21, 2024  –THE HAGUE – State Secretary Alexandra van Huffelen held her final virtual press conference with the Caribbean press last Friday morning. She looked back on her tenure as state secretary, expressing that she has achieved much in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom over the past two and a half years. During the press conference, she mentioned that she looks back with ‘nostalgia and pride’ on the cooperation with the islands. Van Huffelen specifically highlighted the apologies for the slavery past, the rehabilitation of Tula, and the deep connection with part of the population. 

As it is known, the Netherlands will have a new cabinet on July 2, which means Van Huffelen will stop her work. Zsolt Szabó will become the new State Secretary for Kingdom Relations and Digitalization. Van Huffelen stated that she is proud to have gotten to know all six islands, which she described as all very beautiful yet at the same time very different. She believes she has built a relationship with the six islands based on respect and trust.

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