UWI calls alumni, staff, students and friends for 75th anniversary celebrations

May 27, 2023  -CNW News -This year marks the Diamond Jubilee of The University of the West Indies (UWI). As part of its year-long 75th-anniversary celebrations, The UWI is calling on its 87,000 graduates, current students, present and retired staff, friends, and partners scattered across the globe, to share the impact that The UWI has made on their lives, the people they will never forget, and any proud moment that remains with them.

For 75 years, over the period 1948-2023, The UWI has been a pivotal force in every aspect of Caribbean development – through colonialism, independence, global disruptions, and, more recently, a pandemic.

Throughout the years, thousands of people have helped shape this regional institution into what is now – a great West Indian tradition. It was from that perspective that Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Hilary Beckles announced the theme: UWI at 75. Rooted. Ready. Rising.

Rooted, because the institution remains influenced by where it was built and its service to Caribbean people and their contributions; Ready, because The UWI is an advocate for the region, its needs and advancement with the ability to overcome challenges and build the Caribbean’s resilience; Rising, because The UWI recognises the need for continuous growth and improvement. Like the brown Pelican, which sits atop The UWI Coat of Arms, UWI will continue to soar. The brown Pelican is found only in the Americas. It was chosen as The UWI’s symbol since it represents the institution’s unique regional identity, and is known to nurture and protect its young – just as The UWI had done for the Caribbean for 75 years.

As The UWI reflects on its past, confronts the present and plans for the future a convening of its community is timely.

All members of The UWI community, past and present are invited to reminisce on their best Pelican story and unforgettable memories via  https://uwi.edu/75/stories.html.

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