URSM Stands Firm Amidst Political Revelations

June 20, 2024  -Philipsburg — The Unified Resilient St. Maarten Movement (URSM) board acknowledges the recent surge of media releases from various political parties, filled with myriad revelations. As the election season progresses, it is vital for the citizens of St. Maarten to remain vigilant and discerning of these tactics. URSM firmly believes that addressing the country’s myriad issues requires a continued hands-on, practical, and realistic approach.
Over the past four years, the people of St. Maarten have been vocal in their demand for genuine leadership and a passionate commitment to their welfare. It is perplexing to witness current Members of Parliament suddenly proposing ideas and initiatives that could have been implemented during their tenure. This prompts the question: what were they doing over the past four years? Are these sudden bursts of activity merely election tactics aimed at deceiving the electorate?
The URSM urges everyone to stay aware of the political maneuvering taking place, particularly by former candidates. The motivations behind one’s candidacy—whether self-interest or national interest—must be critically examined. The phenomenon of candidates switching parties is not new, but it underscores the need for consistent and principled leadership. URSM remains steadfast and stronger than ever.
In a move that highlights our growing strength, URSM proudly announces the addition of three new board members: Luisandro Cicilia, Romeo Fleming, and Jacques Heemskerk. Their inclusion is a testament to the robustness and appeal of our movement.
Furthermore, the URSM board and leadership are eager to unveil our candidate list, showcasing a diverse and representative cross-section of our country. URSM is committed to inclusivity and will persist as a leading force in St. Maarten’s political landscape, buoyed by the unwavering confidence of the people.

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