URSM says process of Nation Building is a priority

November 9, 2023  -Philipsburg — The process of Nation building, the knowledge of the history of St. Martin has to become a priority. It is time that we St. Martiners get our historical facts crystalized in our school curriculum.

On a day like St. Martin day, November 11, we celebrate and acknowledge the North and South as a United People of Sint Martin.

Although the physical borders of this Island and two administrations, the “One People” concept is pre-existent. Our common Culture, language, values and heritage that are inherent to us, are those factors that constantly break down all barriers between North and South to make us one.

It is at the end of the day the preexistent concept of “one Island, one people, one destiny that make us “One St. Martin”.

Realize that we are celebrating St. Martin day for the sixty third time this year.

November 11 is our day; a unique national day of the people of this St. Martin, which now embraces many people, many races, many religions, many cultures but at the end of the day one destiny; St. Martin.

The people of this St. Martin have always been obsessed to attain and maintain the Island’s sovereignty, autonomy, peacefulness and unity.

I am proud to be part of a people that has proven their resiliency when encountered with the challenges of their complex history, polity, natural disasters (hurricanes, pandemics) and especially unnecessary socio-economic threats in the form of poverty, lack of technical education, opportunity and hope.

St. Martin must maintain its unified socio-cultural reality and heritage; the ‘one people” experience is the strength of this nation.

We have to utilize this national day symbolically as a tool to empower and enforce or nation building in progress.

Consolidation of the pillars (Hospital, Utility Company, Airport, Harbor, telecommunication, education system, judicial system) that really makes our Constituent State an autonomous Country is an absolute must.

The St. Martin day celebration has to over and over again catalyze the progress of an already existing promising unification in this Country. We have to continue empowering our island identity and future.

Hence, I will continue to inspire and conscientize my people who deserve this great day called: “St. Martin Day”.

Congratulations St. Martin

Dr. Luc Mercelina,

Political leader of the URSM

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