UPP Candidate Kevin Maingrette Facilitates Historic Socio-Economic Collaboration between St.Maarten and Haiti

September 4, 2023   -Sint Maarten, August 31, 2023 – In a landmark achievement, Kevin Maingrette, a prominent UPP candidate and Policy Advisor to the Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transportation & Telecommunication TEATT, has orchestrated a groundbreaking socio-economic collaboration between Sint Maarten and Haiti. The event, which took place on August 26, signifies a major stride towards strengthening the bond between the two nations and unlocking a host of benefits for both Haitian residents and Sint Maarten.
The event received an overwhelming response from the Haitian community and various stakeholders, featuring guest speaker and former Prime Minister of Haiti, Mr. Jean Michel Lapin. The collaboration, undertaken with the primary objective of harnessing the untapped social and economic potential within the Haiti-Sint Maarten relationship, achieved a significant milestone with the establishment of a Haitian consulate on the island.
A notable achievement of this collaboration is resolving a persistent challenge faced by individuals of Haitian descent in Sint Maarten. Since October 10, 2010, obtaining official documents from the country has been a formidable task for them. The Haitian consulate’s creation is set to play a crucial role in streamlining administrative procedures and providing essential services to the Haitian community, easing their interactions with their home country.
Mr. Maingrette’s vision for this historic partnership extends beyond economic gains, encompassing the enrichment of both nations through resource exchange, sharing expertise, and fostering cultural understanding. This alliance aims to propel economic growth, amplify investment prospects, and cultivate a more inclusive society. The establishment of the Haitian consulate further exemplifies Sint Maarten’s commitment to embracing its diverse population and facilitating seamless cross-border interactions, highlighting its dedication to promoting international relations and supporting its people.
Speaking on the momentous occasion, Mr. Maingrette said, “Our collaborative endeavours with Mr. Lapin bring a new era of cooperation between Sint Maarten and Haiti. This venture shows more than just economic advantages; it is about building goodwill and improving understanding between our communities. Through joint efforts, we can create a brighter future for all.”
The historic socio-economic collaboration between Sint Maarten and Haiti, under the leadership of Kevin Maingrette, serves as a beacon of hope for cross-cultural partnerships and sets a precedent for nations to come together for mutual growth and prosperity.

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