T&T: Police commissioner responds to not guilty verdict for officers in 2011 Barrackpore murders

November 27, 2023  -Trinidad and Tobago’s Commissioner of Police Erla Harewood-Christopher has issued a response following the acquittal of six police officers involved in the Barrackpore murders of 2011.

Commissioner Harewood-Christopher addressed the public on Friday, acknowledging the nature of the case.

She emphasized that the actions of the police officers had undergone thorough scrutiny, and they had been subject to the due process of law.

Occupational hazards of policing

Harewood-Christopher pointed out that the circumstances surrounding this case are representative of the inherent occupational hazards faced by police officers.

Mitigating future incidents

As part of the administration’s commitment to preventing similar incidents, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) has been actively working to develop and implement a Use of Force Policy.

This policy is intended to provide guidelines and oversight to police officers during their operations.

Additionally, the full deployment of body-worn cameras is seen as an effective measure to regulate officers’ conduct and provide valuable evidence in assessing the adequacy and appropriateness of police actions.

A regrettable loss of lives

Expressing her deep condolences and regret, the Commissioner of Police acknowledged the tragic loss of life in this incident

Harewood-Christopher urged officers to enhance their proficiency in adhering to Standard Operating Procedures, emphasizing the importance of preventing such heartbreaking incidents in the future.

The Barrackpore tragedy

The tragic incident occurred on July 22, 2011.

The victims, identified as 20-year-old Abigail Johnson of St Mary’s Village, Moruga, 27-year-old Alana Duncan of Duncan Village, San Fernando, and 29-year-old Kerron Eccles of St Mary’s Village, Moruga were shot and killed by police officers.

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