Tragic shark attack claims life of US woman in The Bahamas

December 5, 2023  -A woman hailing from the United States tragically lost her life in The Bahamas due to a shark attack.

The Royal Bahamas Police Force, in a statement to Eyewitness News Bahamas, revealed that the incident occurred shortly after 11:15 am on Monday.

Reports are that the victim, aged in her 40s was visiting from Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and was accompanied by a male relative.

Both of whom were paddleboarding at the rear of a resort located in western New Providence.

Reports are that their location was approximately three-quarters of a mile away from the safety of the shoreline when disaster struck.

A lifeguard’s response

It is reported that a lifeguard who was on duty at the time took a rescue boat to retrieve the victim along with the male relative to bring them to safety.

CPR efforts

Reports are that CPR was administered to the victim, however, she suffered serious injuries to the right side of her body, including the right hip region and also her right upper limb.

Emergency medical services also responded to the scene and assessed the victim. However, they revealed that she showed no signs of life.

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