Today is World Food Safety Day

June 7, 2023  -Steflogix is joining the campaign “Food Standards Save Lives”, led by the World Health Organization.

The NIPA students of Hospitality 1 recently completed their food handler’s course which was facilitated by Steflogix. On June 7th, 2023 the students received their food handlers certificates. Michael Somersall, General Manager of Steflogix told the students that this day was an extra special occasion as they received their certificates on World Food Safety Day. By obtaining their certification, the students took an important step in taking their role to ensure Food is prepared and served in a safe manner.

The NIPA students have completed their studies and are now ready to enter the workforce.    “Businesses who are looking for well-trained employees, should definitely contact NIPA when they are busy recruiting” Somersall said.

According to the World Health Organization, statistics has shown that more than 600 million people get sick and 420 000 die every year from eating contaminated food. Nobody should die from eating food as this can be prevented.

This year the theme “Food standards save lives”, highlights the role of established food safety practices and standards, which ensure food safety and quality.

Everyone have their role to play when it comes to preventing Foodborne illnesses. World Food Safety Day offers an opportunity for everyone to get informed and involved.

The World Health Organization has issued a call to action:

Policy makers

Make safe food an easy choice by shaping public support programmes, such as food aid, school feeding and other publicly owned food outlets. Focus on establishing robust national food safety system and ensure it complies with food safety standards. Encourage and engage in multisectoral collaboration at the local, national, regional and global levels.

Food businesses

Engage employees, suppliers and other stakeholders to grow and develop a food safety culture. Comply with national and international food standards.

Educational institutions and workplaces

Promote safe food handling. Engage with families and involve them in food safety activities. Support food safety education.


Practice safe food handling at home and follow WHO’s Five Keys to Safer Food: keep clean, separate raw and cooked, cook thoroughly, keep food at safe temperatures and use safe water and raw materials.

Steflogix is committed to promoting safe food handling practices. We will continue to help our clients become and remain food safety compliant by providing guidance, training and creating tailor made solutions to eliminate, prevent and reduce food safety hazards that can impact their organization and our community.

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