Time and day of meetings needs to be in the hands of Parliament

May 15, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – The PIN party was left baffled by how, after a member’s complaint, the President of Parliament did not take any action and stated that, no matter how important or current the topic may be, it takes a long time to call a meeting because the minister’s agenda and Parlatino do not allow it. However, it is good for the community and the President of Parliament to be reminded that Article 64 of Parliament’s rules of procedure stipulates that a meeting must be held within 14 days after a petition. 


The statements of the director of CPR (Caribbean Petroleum Refinery) in the local media have shown the urgency for Parliament to meet regarding the Isla Refinery. The leader of the PNP faction has even asked the President of Parliament to obtain a recording of a radio interview to use as evidence when Parliament discusses the matter. 

It is strange that the same leader of the faction, despite his insistence on being dualistic, has allowed the President of Parliament to postpone the meeting on the Isla Refinery and the GIK Group until June. 

What is even stranger is hearing the President of Parliament trying to explain that such an important meeting cannot take place before going to Parlatino, before going to IPKO (Kingdom Parliaments Conference), and because the government doesn’t have time. It seems that others have kidnapped the agenda and the freedom to hold meetings of the highest representation of the people. 


The PIN party wants to remind the community and its representatives that Article 64 of the Parliament’s Rules of Procedure clearly states that requested meetings, according to the rule, must take place within 14 days. Traveling to Parlatino cannot be an argument to deviate from it because the parliamentarians’ priority should be on Curaçao. 

The government’s agenda cannot be a reason to deviate from the parliament’s role as a controller, which is reduced to zero. 

For the better 

Once again, the PIN party requests that Parliament, its president, and especially the coalition take the role of controller and representative of the people seriously. This should not mean public warfare within the coalition. It means making agreements to hold important and current meetings within the specified time so that the people receive the clarity they deserve. 

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