Three minors sentenced for school-related fights

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten (07 December 2023) – The Court of First Instance has sentenced three minors for their involvement in a school-related fight. The two victims, also minors, were severely beaten in the January 6 2022 fight. One of the victims was stabbed in the hip.

The youngsters were sentenced on December 6 to community service as well as a suspended juvenile detention of one month with a probation of two years. DC (age 17) must perform 60 hours of community service due to being a repeat offender. CC (age 16) and LL (age 18) have to complete 30 hours each. LL was a minor at the time of the incident.

School-related fights and/or fights between school-aged children are a community concern. A safe environment is important for learning and all students and teachers are entitled to this. The Prosecutor’s Office Sint Maarten OM SXM will continue to work with justice partners such as the Police Force of St. Maarten to curb school-related fights by the application of the law.

It is hoped that the verdict from the Court of First Instance serves as a warning and a deterrent to other school-related fights.


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