The HOMS Health and Wellness Center is a modern complex for health and hospitality that aims to promote health tourism in the northern part of the Dominican

April 17, 2024  -Santiago, Dominican Republic,. – The President of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader Corona, the Vice President, and Ministers of Health and Tourism, participated alongside the Board of Directors, chaired by Dr. Rafael Sánchez Español, in the inaugural ceremony of the HOMS Health and Wellness Center (HHWC). This modern complex aims to develop health tourism in the country’s northern region.

Strategically located at the entrance of the city of Santiago, second largest province of the country, 10 minutes away from the Cibao International Airport and just steps from the Metropolitan Hospital at Santiago (HOMS), stands the innovative building, the first of its kind to open in the country, merging a professional tower of medical specialties, a hotel, and a convention center.

Covering an area of 548,950 square feet of construction and an investment of approximately US$108 million, the HHWC is part of the Santiago Metropolitan Hospital (HOMS) expansion plan, aiming to become a health city area.

Dr. Sánchez Español highlighted the hospital’s history of over 15 years in providing excellent health services to Dominicans and foreigners.

“This achievement is the result of our innovation spirit, which has positioned us as leaders in robotic surgery in the country, the main protagonist of health tourism in the northern zone, and now as pioneers in having a cutting-edge center that represents a long-term commitment, stimulating economic growth and job creation.,” said the doctor during the inaugural speech.

HOMS is the first major hospital in the country with an International Accreditation of Health Services from Accreditation Canada (ACI) and a founding partner of the Dominican Association of Health Tourism (ADTS).

During the event, President Luis Abinader said that health tourism is a great bet; this sector must grow significantly in the country and is a bet on the natural development of the Dominican Republic.

The professional tower of medical specialties, spanning thirteen floors, houses 167 offices with state-of-the-art equipment, private waiting rooms, sample collection areas, and breastfeeding rooms on each level. Additionally, it hosts specialized centers on pathologies highly sought after in health tourism, such as dentistry, anti-aging and aesthetic medicine, sleep units, microbiota studies, and metabolic surgery.

A distinctive feature of the HHWC is its innovative convention center with a capacity to accommodate 426 seated and 500 standing people; it enjoys an innovative retractable seating system that allows for the deployment and retraction of chairs automatically, making it the ideal space for telemedicine, conferences, training activities, congresses, and social events. Additionally, it has auxiliary rooms for meetings.

Likewise, the complex includes seven hundred parking spaces, eighteen elevators, and a loading dock.

Similarly, the Residence Inn by Marriott will strengthen the hotel offer in this locality, contributing to its tourist development, with 115 extended-stay rooms available for health and wellness tourists as well as business and leisure tourists. It will also have recreational amenities such as a restaurant, bar, gym, pool, and a 180-degree Sky Lounge for those who wish to appreciate the city’s heart from above.

Estrella Engineering oversaw the construction of the HOMS Health and Wellness Center adhering to international standards, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and sustainable design.

At the event, were also present governmental representatives, and prominent figures from the health and tourism sectors, along with the members of the Board of Directors.

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