The Central Commission of Trade Unions (CCVV) on April 26

Willemstad, May 2, 2023 – During the monthly meeting of the Central Commission of Trade Unions (CCvV) on April 26, 2023, Mr. Frensel Josefina of SITEK handed over the chairmanship of the CCvV to Mr. Wendy Calmes of ABVO.
Mr. Josefina chaired for one year the institutional consultation platform of the public sector, ABVO, STrAF, NAPB, SAP and SITEK.
Mr. Wim van Lamoen, of the STrAF union, was deputy chairman of the CCvV.
The chairmanship of the CCvV rotates among the unions represented in the CCvV and has a term of one year.
Ms. Rosiel Windster, a member of union NAPB, is the new deputy chair(wo)man of the CCvV.

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