Tax Office Curaçao will start refunding excess Income Tax from 2022 starting next week

July 20, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – The Tax Office announces that the first income tax refunds for 2022 will be paid to taxpayers from Thursday, July 27. Taxpayers with outstanding tax debts will have their refund amount offset against these debts. 

Taxpayers will receive a reconciliation letter indicating which assessments the refund has been offset against. The processing time of a tax return, however, does not solely depend on the time of its submission. Previously, tax returns were processed in the order of receipt. 


Nowadays, if the tax return can be automatically verified, the refund can be paid within one month after submitting the return. 

However, if the tax return is filled out incorrectly or requires manual review, it may take several months before the refund is processed. Approximately six hundred tax returns are manually processed every week, in addition to the automated handling. This also applies to tax returns from previous years, 2018 to 2021. The payout of refunds is an ongoing process, according to the Tax Office. 


In addition to reviewing income tax returns, around two hundred income tax objection letters are processed weekly. 

To handle an increasingly large portion of income tax returns automatically and quickly, several improvement actions will be implemented in the coming period. 

Taxpayers are advised to regularly monitor their bank accounts and digital messages since the refund amounts will be paid from July 27th. 

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