May 28, 2024  -PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten (Tuesday, May 28, 2024) — Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB) from Curacao recently paid a two-day working visit to the Social & Health Insurances SZV office. SVB Curacao is exploring the introduction of digital services to streamline and automate employee registration processes. In its exploratory phase, it selected SZV as a benchmark to gain insights into its decision-making process for its automation strategies.

Considering the similarities in both organizations’ data structures and procedures, SVB reached out to SZV for insight into its digital transformation journey. This visit aimed to gain a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of SZV’s digital services, particularly the Employer Portal, which is available 24/7 online for employer services.
During SVB’s visit to Sint Maarten, SZV presented key approaches toward developing more digital public services supported by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other customized applications.

Representatives from the Finance & Levy, Registration, and IT departments hosted presentations and demonstrations on the Employer Portal’s functionality and real-time user experience in the portal and dashboards in SZV’s operational environment. Discussions included supporting digital transition factors such as organizational culture change, where SZV takes on a people-centric approach in its change management processes, and online customer support services.

SVB Curacao representatives commented, “The visit served as a fuel of inspiration for us to accelerate our own digital transition journey, fostering mutual growth for our organizations, given our similarities. We commend SZV for the people-centric approach to foster change within the organizational culture, adaptation to new ways of working for their employees, and development of digital public services for their clients”.

“In this era of digital transformation, SZV is honored to be a benchmark organization for others and partner towards public service innovation in the region and internationally. As SVB Curacao embarks on this exploratory journey, we eagerly await the outcomes of the next steps toward their digital evolution.” –SZV Management.

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