PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten (Tuesday, July 9, 2024) — Social & Health Insurances SZV announces an increased focus on strict enforcement of compliance measures for the payment of social and health insurance premiums by companies and individual residents. This decision underlines SZV’s commitment to ensuring the sustainability of our social and health insurance benefits; entities found violating the laws will be confronted with the necessary actions.

“This initiative follows several years of dedicated work to educating and raising awareness within the community about the importance of adhering to social and health insurance regulations. Compliance plays a vital role in creating a secure, efficient, and transparent system that benefits everyone. SZV is determined to take stringent measures against any form of non-compliance.” – Elton Felisie, SZV Chief Financial Officer

SZV is working with Audit Team Sint Maarten (ATS) to conduct regular compliance controls. These controls ensure that employers adhere to their SZV obligations stipulated by law, such as registering their company and all employees with SZV and paying monthly premiums. Employers can proactively ensure compliance by logging into their Employer Portal account, updating company information and employee registry, noting any outstanding premiums, and, if necessary, requesting a payment arrangement via the Employer Portal or contacting the SZV Collections department via
SZV calls on the community to proactively learn more about their compliance obligations. Persons who are SZV insured are reminded of their crucial role in maintaining compliance. This responsibility includes providing accurate information, ensuring an up-to-date profile via the MySZV insured portal, and reporting any irregularities that may signal misuse of the SZV medical or pension benefits. Every client’s vigilance is essential in preserving the integrity of our social and healthcare system.

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