September 11, 2023  -PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten ON Sunday, September 10, 2023 — Social & Health Insurances SZV and Audit Team Sint Maarten (ATS) will be conducting routine compliance controls by the business community. The objective of the controls is to ensure that employers are adhering to their SZV obligations in accordance with the stipulated laws, such as the registration of their company and all their employees at SZV and the payment of the monthly premiums. During the controls, employers who identify to struggle with compliance measures and need additional assistance will have the opportunity to schedule 1-on-1 support sessions with an ATS team member. In these support sessions, employers are provided more information on their employer obligations, how to improve compliance, and how to use the SZV Employer Portal for the management of their SZV administration.
Full cooperation is requested by the business community to ensure that the routine compliance controls by ATS and SZV are executed smoothly. Employers can be proactive by logging into their Employer Portal account and ensuring that their company information and employee registry are up to date, noting any outstanding premiums to be paid, and via the portal, requesting a payment arrangement, if necessary.
Employer obligations in a nutshell include, but are not limited to, the list below and can be managed 24/7 online within the SZV Employer Portal:
All employers with employees are required to register their company at SZV.
Employers must register all their employees at SZV, no matter the salary amount or amount of working days.
SZV must be notified if the company is no longer active or if there is a change in the company information, such as address, contact details, or authorized representatives/third parties.
Changes to employee information, such as salaries, functions, terminations, etc., must be submitted to SZV.
Declaration and Payment of the social security premiums, such as ZV/OV, AOV/AWW, and Cessantia.ATS was established in 2016 by Social & Health Insurances SZV with the main objective of increasing compliance in payment of the legally indebted social security premiums and promoting that all companies pay their fair share in accordance with the Social Security Ordinances. Companies are always encouraged to proactively maintain open communication channels with SZV and ATS as their partners in compliance.

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