Suspect in murder case rapper was not transferred to Curaçao but to Bonaire for safety reasons

April 14, 2023  –KRALENDIJK – Churendi C., who is suspected of involvement in the murder of the Curaçao rapper Boechi, has been transferred to Bonaire. There are fears for his safety in Curaçao.  

The investigative team carried out several actions in the early hours of April 8 in Curaçao and in the Netherlands under the direction of the public prosecutor of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Curaçao. This was also in collaboration with investigators from the organized crime division of the Curaçao police and the judicial authorities with the assistance of the National Criminal Investigation Department in Rotterdam.  

As a result of these actions, a Curaçaoan was arrested in Vlaardingen on suspicion of involvement in the murder. Shortly afterward, a house search took place in the house where he was staying.  

In Curaçao, three house searches also took place in the neighborhoods of Seru di Kandela, Noord Roozendaal, and Mahuma, but no arrests were made.  

During the house searches, various objects that are important for the investigation were seized.  

Churendi C. has now been transferred to Bonaire under high-security measures. The investigation is continuing, and more arrests are not excluded, according to the Public Prosecution Service. 

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