Suspect arrested in connection with fire-arm possession

September 14, 2023   -In a proactive response to a series of armed robbery incidents targeting citizens in the early morning hours, the Police Force Sint Maarten implemented a plan of action targeting scooter riders supposedly involved in armed robberies on personnel in the early morning hours.

For the last few weeks, the Sint Maarten Police Force has been working to address and prevent armed robberies that have plagued our community. In a planned operation, officers were able to make a breakthrough when, at approximately 02:00 AM on Wednesday, they encountered a black scooter on L.B Scott Road with no visible number plate.

Upon attempting to stop and conduct a routine inspection of the scooter, the rider displayed evasive behavior and attempted to flee from the patrol unit. The pursuit continued until the rider lost control of the scooter in the vicinity of Copper Drive, near a local supermarket, and subsequently fell from the vehicle. After a brief foot chase, officers were successful in locating the suspect who had attempted to hide a firearm under a nearby vehicle. The firearm was confiscated for further investigation.

The arrested suspect was taken into custody without further incident and transported to the police station for questioning where he is being held pending further investigation.

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