Strategic long-term plan for Public Health reforms further defined

April 25, 2023  -Philipsburg Pond Island, On April 18 and 19, based on the vision of the Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labour, Omar Ottley, civil servants of the Ministry of Public Health participated in a workshop for strategic long-term planning for Public Health reforms under the National Development Vision of Sint Maarten. The workshop was facilitated by Mrs. Andrea Ortega-Oudhoff the sr. project manager National Development at the Department of the Interior and Kingdom relations, and Ms. Tjandra Lake of the Working Organization (BZK). Participants who attended the workshop were representatives of the department of Public Health, the Inspectorate, Ambulance, Staff Bureau, Collective Preventative Services and SZV.

The workshop provided participants with exercises to strategically plan for short, to mid- to long-term under the umbrella of the National Development Vision (NDV) of Sint Maarten. The Theory of Change (TOC) model was used as a tool for the workshop. This model was introduced during the launch of the NDV in November 2022, with the objective to further engage civil servants and stakeholders to effectively plan and achieve set objectives on the mid- to long term and to be able to measure the impacts. In other words, the tool is used to develop a National Development Plan.

The TOC initiates a rigorous and participatory process that helps civil servants and stakeholders to determine the conditions required to achieve the long-term vision and goals of the NDV.

The visionary aspirations of health are part of Development theme 1, A compassionate and United Nation, in Sint Maarten’s NDV. This development theme is people-focused and guided by the aspiration that everyone in Sint Maarten should be able to receive equal opportunities, to attain and sustain an enhanced quality of life. The government of Sint Maarten, in collaboration with stakeholders and local partners, should provide these opportunities by focusing on equitable access to good quality education, healthcare, social safety nets, nation building, culture, and the empowerment of individuals and communities.

The results of the workshop give insight into a list of conditions, products and actions required to reach the national goals for public health and will ultimately lead to a ‘healthier, happier population and longevity’. The initial results will be further discussed with a broader group of stakeholders to incorporate their feedback before finalizing a long-term strategy under the NDV.

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