Still no clarity on salaries for civil servants, unions demand answers

October 25, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – Civil servants still do not have clarity on when the government will fulfill its promises regarding salaries. This concerns the new salary structure and the reduction of the 12.5 percent cut. The civil servant unions are demanding answers from the government. 

According to Juan Lourens, who works at the public servant union, they have been in discussions with the government since the beginning of this year to remove the cuts affecting civil servants. This is directly related to the payments that the government may still need to make in order to rectify the financial gap in civil servants’ indexing. 

To emphasize this, the unions Abvo, Napb, STrAF, SAP, and Sitek have come together and written a letter addressed to the Council of Ministers. 

The unions have taken the stance of not continuing discussions until the government presents a concrete plan. 

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