St. Vincent police announce reward for leads in mass murder case

August 17, 2023  -St. Vincent police have announced an EC$50,000 reward for information that could lead to the arrest and conviction of the individuals behind the mass shootings on July 19 in the capital.

This tragic event resulted in the deaths of five individuals, among them a 13-year-old boy named Kashie Primus. The other victims have been identified as D’ondre Hillock, Jamall Bobb, Lamont “Dutchy” Hector, and Rickey Taylor.

They were killed in the Harbour Club region of Upper Kingstown.

Protective measures for witnesses: Ensuring confidentiality

In a bid to ensure the safety and confidentiality of informants, the police have assured the public that all details provided in relation to the case will be treated with the utmost secrecy.

Reports are that in an effort to encourage potential witnesses to come forward, the police highlighted several protective measures available under the Witness Anonymity and Special Measure Act.

Protection and anonymity for witnesses

This includes allowing witnesses to testify without revealing their identity to the defendant or the defendant’s attorney.

Further, they can provide their testimonies from undisclosed location outside of the courtroom or overseas.

Modern technologies, such as voice modulation and video links, are also in place to ensure the safety of the witnesses, allowing them to conceal their faces if necessary.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, who was overseas during the incident, expressed his confidence in the police force’s ability to resolve the case surrounding the mass shootings.

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