St. Maarten’s paramedics, technicians & dispatchers tours Mein Schiff 4 cruise ship’s medical facilities

December 18, 2023  -Philipsburg—On December 12th, 2023, the management of TUI Cruises, which also includes the cruise ship Mein Schiff from Germany organized a second tour aboard their ship for paramedics, technicians and dispatchers of the Ambulance Department whom were accompanied by their medical manager doctor Jacqueline Thompson-Cole, the head of the Ambulance Department drs. Cylred Richardson and emergency doctor Stefan Luhrs of Germany.

The management of TUI cruises expressed their gratitude with the initial tour of St. Maarten top medical professionals from St. Maarten Medical Center and the Ambulance Department on November 28th 2023 as an important start to establish and improve cooperation and therefore a second tour was organized on December 12th 2023.

This was done under the direction of Dr. Stefan Luhrs, Dr. Jacqueline Thompson-Cole, Cylred Richardson and the ship’s senior doctor Dr. Jurgen Bohlemann with whom we had interesting and lively discussions about further collaboration and cooperation.

Following the visit aboard the cruise ship, the medical crew of the cruise ship also paid a courtesy visit and tour of both St. Maarten Medical Center and the Ambulance Department of Ministry of Public Health, Social Development & Labor for which they were elated of the quality medical equipment and accommodation.

Upon evaluation of the tours, it was decided to further improve the cooperation between the cruise ships, the hospital and the Ambulance Department whom are directly involved in the care of patients from cruise ships during emergency transfers.

Therefore, in January 2024 Dr. Stefan Luhrs while in Germany will visit the TUI Cruise headquarters in Hamburg Germany and will report on the further progress of the cooperation in St. Maarten in February of 2024.

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