St. Maarten Tourism Bureau Ignites Young Minds with Educational Outreach

November 9, 2023  -Philipsburg, St. Maarten – The St. Maarten Tourism Bureau (STB) is committed to nurturing the future of the island’s tourism industry through its engaging Tourism Awareness Programme. By actively involving the youth, the STB is sowing the seeds for a sustainable and vibrant tourism sector in the years to come.

In recent months, representatives from the STB have embarked on an educational journey to enlighten the young minds of St. Maarten about the diverse facets of tourism. On September 20th, STB representatives had the privilege of visiting the Group 8 students at the Marie Genevieve de Weever Primary School, followed by a visit to the Sr. Borgia Primary School on October 26th, and the St. Joseph Primary School on November 2nd. These visits saw our team conducting interactive and informative presentations, sharing insights about the significance of tourism in St. Maarten.

The purpose of these sessions is to impart valuable knowledge to the students, equipping them with an understanding of what tourism truly encompasses. During the presentations, students delve into the essence of tourism, identify what defines a tourist, explore various types of tourists, unravel the reasons why people choose St. Maarten as their destination, and gain insights into the multitude of career opportunities available within the dynamic tourism industry.

“The Tourism Awareness Programme has been an ongoing initiative of STB since 2021, reflecting our commitment to educate and inspire the younger generation. Our goal is to reach out to primary and high schools across the island, making sure that every student has the chance to discover the potential that the tourism sector holds for their future,” stated STB Representative Claudia Arrindell.

In a unique twist to the programme, STB has also extended invitations to prominent stakeholders within the tourism industry to share their expertise and experiences with the students. These industry professionals provide brief yet illuminating presentations, shedding light on their roles and responsibilities within the vibrant tourism landscape. Port St. Maarten Group CEO, Mr. Alexander Gumbs, extended a special invitation to students for a remarkable visit to the Cruise Terminal. This opportunity provided them with a firsthand experience of the vital tourism hub’s operations on the island. The significance of this event was not lost on Mr. Gumbs, who himself attended St. Joseph Primary School during his childhood.

Ms. Arrindell emphasized the program’s importance, stating, “It is imperative that students not only recognize the promising career opportunities within the tourism sector but also understand their vital role in creating unforgettable experiences for our visitors.

As we move forward, the STB is excited to continue expanding our outreach, extending the reach of tourism awareness to even more schools on the island, including our esteemed high schools. STB remains committed to sowing the seeds of knowledge, inspiration, and growth, ensuring that the youth of St. Maarten are well-prepared to contribute to the flourishing future of our tourism industry.

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