St. Maarten Flavors Feast will set the tone for June’s Appeteaser Week on Saturday June 17th

May 3, 2023  -Philipsburg, St. Maarten — The St. Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association (SHTA) and the St. Maarten Tourism Bureau (STB) jointly announced a follow-up to its 2022 St. Maarten Flavors 2023 Program called “Appeteaser Week”, taking place June 15 – 24, 2023. Organizers included a food show, “St. Maarten Flavors Feast”, on June 17th to try out bite size tasters of the signature dishes, at prix fixe rates, served by participating restaurants during “Appeteaser Week”.

St. Maarten Flavors Feast will be hosted at Dock Maarten in Philipsburg, where vendors will share their flavorful delights with island foodies and visitors. “Restaurants signed up for Appeteaser Week will have a station and “tease” visitors with selections of their signature dishes. Besides the delicious food, there will be cocktails to enjoy, as well as live music. We see this as a great family outing for residents, and the perfect way for island visitors to discover a wide range of St. Maarten’s culinary offerings ranging from high-end restaurants as well as our unique street side lolos and food trucks.” Explained Michele Korteweg, organizer of the event.

Visitors will be able to purchase a day pass to enter St. Maarten Flavors Feast for $25 per person, which includes 5 tokens to use at any of the vendor stations or at the bar. Additional tokens are for sale to ensure a wide selection of “flavors” can be sampled. With Sound 2000 providing the setup for the event, one can be certain of an intimate festival experience, where people can enjoy food, socialize with friends and family, and learn more about the culinary scene on St. Maarten.

Dock Maarten in Philipsburg has been chosen as the location for St. Maarten Flavors Feast due to its central location near Philipsburg. “We are very pleased to be hosting the St. Maarten Flavors Feast at Dock Maarten. The property has been open since 1979, it’s family owned and over the years developed into a multi-purpose location showcasing restaurants, a zipline, bar, boutique and a mega yacht marina. The marina has been running two successful seasons now and we are further expanding the docks so we can meet the ever increasing demand of mega yachts. We have a beautiful location near Philipsburg, with ample parking and overlooking the turquoise waters of Great Bay. There is lots of potential for future events to be hosted at Dock Maarten and St. Maarten Flavors Feast will be the first of many events taking place here.” Said Facility and Project Manager Steve Hammond.

The SHTA understands that visitors are attracted to St. Maarten by its varied culinary offerings. As a Caribbean hub due to its central location, St. Maarten is home to a wide variety of cultures and influences including Creole, Asian, Dutch, French, Italian, Surinamese and many more. Therefore, “St. Maarten Flavors Feast” and “Appeteaser Week” serve as pre-promotions for “St. Maarten Flavors” in the month of November, where restaurants are offering prix fixe menus throughout the entire month. Those visitors that enjoy the prix fixe menu concept and food sampling in June are invited to plan their return in November to immerse themselves even further into the dynamic food scene that St. Maarten offers.

“Appeteaser Week” and “St. Maarten Flavors” put St. Maarten on the map for food lovers around the world, invite visitors and locals to immerse themselves in the dynamic food scene at an accessible price point of either $49 (three course) or $17.50 and to give local restaurants a platform to showcase a signature dish.

Main supporters of the project are the St. Maarten Hospitality & Trade Association (SHTA) the St. Maarten Tourism Bureau (STB), PDG supplies and EZ-Shop powered by Prime. Other organizations that actively support the 2023 event are Sol Cooking Gas, Caribbean Liquors & Tobacco (CLT), Island 92 radio, ORCO Bank, VISIT Magazine, SXM Talks, Sotheby’s International Realty, Dock Maarten and Sound 2000.

Restaurants interested in participating in “St Maarten Flavors Feast”, “June Appeteaser Week” and “St. Maarten Flavors” in November can contact the SHTA office / or contact by phone at 542-0108 for all details.

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