SMAF (Sint Maarten Aquatic Federation) board meets with local swim teams

December 12, 2023  -SMAF had its first meeting with the representatives of the boards of the three swim teams namely, Carib Swim Team, St. Maarten Dolphin Swim Team and St. Maarten Super Splash Swimming Team. The meeting with the teams was held on December 6, 2023.  The purpose of the meeting was to address the areas concerning the sport of swimming.  Some of the points that were discussed in the meeting were SMAF’s roles and responsibilities; upcoming plans for the year, which will include the swim teams’ plans as well; and creating a rule book that will align with the constitution, which will also help to structure swimming as a sport. Other agenda points that were also discussed during the meeting were the obligations of each club; procedures for selecting swimmers to represent St. Maarten in the near future; upcoming training for swim coaches and financial matters. The representatives of the swim teams had an opportunity, to have an open dialogue with the SMAF board, where they asked the necessary questions and voiced their concerns.  The SMAF board will like to thank the representatives of the various swim teams for taking the time to attend this informative meeting. The SMAF board will also like to wish its stakeholders a Merry Christmas and it is the hope, to continue to have a good working relationship in the New Year.

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