Sint Maarten Police Force Urges Vehicle Owners to Retrieve Impounded Vehicles

July 2, 2023  -The Sint Maarten Police Force is once again reaching out to the public regarding a number of confiscated vehicles that have been in the pound yard for an extended period. The police have made numerous requests for the legal owners of these vehicles to come forward and reclaim their property by providing the necessary documentation.

KPSM together with the prosecutor’s office is now taking steps to dispose of these vehicles in accordance with established procedures and protocols.

Vehicle owners are strongly urged to visit the Sint Maarten Police Station in Philipsburg during regular office hours, with the needed documentation: (Proof of Ownership, inspection insurance)
For any additional inquiries or information regarding these vehicles, please contact the Sint Maarten Police Force at the number 54-22222. You can also visit on our contact form or you can leave a private message via
Facebook page: Police Force of Sint Maarten – Korps Politie Sint Maarten.

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