Sint Maarten Police Force Takes Strong Measures to Address Parking Violations on Front Street and Boardwalk

October 24, 2023  – In response to the persisting issue of illegal parking on the sidewalks and designated no-parking areas of Front Street and Boardwalk, the Sint Maarten Police Force has intensified its efforts to curb this problem. Numerous warnings were issued to the general public urging motorists to refrain from parking illegally. Unfortunately, despite these warnings, violations have continued, necessitating decisive action from law enforcement.

Starting on October 23rd, 2023, the Sint Maarten Police Force, specifically the bike patrol officers and other designated personnel, commenced towing vehicles that were egregiously and illegally parked in direct violation of the traffic ordinance of Sint Maarten. On the first day of this operation, four vehicles were removed for illegal parking, and five fines were issued to offenders.

The bike patrol unit will persist with these strict measures in the upcoming days to ensure public safety and maintain the smooth flow of traffic on Front Street and Boardwalk. Motorists are strongly advised to adhere to parking regulations and refrain from parking on sidewalks or any designated no-parking zones.

Warning to Offenders:

Owners of the towed vehicles are requested to y appear at the Philipsburg Police Station for further processing and the retrieval of their vehicles

Appeal to the Public:

KPSM urges all motorists to respect traffic regulations and parking rules. Illegal parking not only inconveniences others but also poses significant safety risks. We seek the cooperation of every citizen and visitor to maintain law and order on our streets.



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