Sint Maarten Police Alert Public to Heightened Risks of Traffic Accidents and Residential Burglaries During Summer Holidays

June 22, 2023  -As the summer holidays draw near, the Sint Maarten Police is issuing a warning to the public regarding the increased risks associated with road safety and residential burglaries, particularly in relation to the mischievous behavior of youth. The policeForce of Sint maarten are urging all residents to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety and protection of their property .

The summer holidays are a time when many residents enjoy their leisure time and embark on travels. However, regrettably, this period also witnesses a spike in incidents of traffic accidents and residential burglaries. The Sint Maarten Police takes these matters extremely seriously and maintains a close collaboration with the community to safeguard the welfare of all.

Ensuring traffic safety remains a top priority for the police force. We wholeheartedly encourage all road users to adopt defensive driving techniques, strictly adhere to traffic regulations, and fully concentrate on the road ahead. Motorists are especially urged to exercise additional caution in proximity to schools, parks, and other locations where young people frequently gather during the summer schols and Camps . By driving responsibly, we can collectively diminish the likelihood of accidents and enhance the safety of our roadways.

Residential burglaries pose another significant concern during the summer months. Opportunistic criminals often exploit the absence of residents on holiday. It is strongly advised that Sint Maarten residents take preemptive measures, such as installing reliable security systems, ensuring adequate illumination around their residences, and enlisting the support of vigilant neighbors. Furthermore, we implore local residents to promptly report any suspicious activities to the police, enabling us to take swift action.

To address these challenges, the Sint Maarten Police will be implementing additional patrols and intensifying surveillance at high-risk locations throughout the summer holidays. Collaborative efforts with local organizations and community groups are underway to raise awareness and promote preventative measures. Together, we can ensure a safe and carefree summer season.

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