Roxxy performing as #6 contestant in Carnival Senior Calypso finals

April 26, 2023  -The Daily Herald news -St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) confirmed to The Daily Herald on Tuesday evening that although she is the only calypsonian that has not signed the required participation criteria, Roxxy will participate in the competition and was given the number six slot.
SCDF said it has moved forward with this decision in adherence to the recent court ruling in favour of the calypsonian, which stipulated that Roxxy should be admitted to the competition or SCDF would face a fine of US $10,000.
On Tuesday all Senior Calypso finalists were presented with standing participation criteria for the competition. The criteria include that all participants must be born on the island of St. Maarten/St. Martin, in possession of a permanent residence permit, legally residing and registered on the island (St. Maarten/St. Martin) for at least 10 years prior to January 1, and 17 years or older. Participants had to provide proof of residency and the song must be an original song not performed at any other calypso competition.

It was noted that failure to meet these requirements would forfeit their participation in the competition.
The line-up for the Nagico Senior Calypso Finals on Wednesday is King Barrow, The Pensioner, Lady Upsetter, X-Rey, Ebony Empress, Roxxy, The Mighty Dow, Ricky Da Phox, The Wizard, Fish Da Mega Boss and Dr. Jones.
According to a statement from SCDF, all calypsonians signed that they had read, understood and accepted the criteria of the finals, with the exception of His Majesty Baker Jr. and Roxxy. SCDF also mentioned that 2022 Senior Calypso Monarch King Beau Beau will vacate his throne for personal reasons. “He said it was no fault of the SCDF, SKAF [Soualiga Kaiso Artistes Foundation – Ed.] or any individual person.”
In request for comment by the newspaper late Tuesday evening, Roxxy explained that on arrival at rehearsal and picking of performance order, she had been presented with the criteria and advised that signing of these new criteria, which were now dated April 25, was required to progress to the final competition on Wednesday, April 26. “I was told by the SCDF that without signing, I would not receive a performance number, village passes nor would I be able to rehearse.”
According to Webster, the band was heavily policed and instructed by the SCDF not to rehearse performers unless they had a performance number. One of the requirements to meet the expectations of winning the calypso show is to ensure that calypsonians are suitably made ready. “To do that means the calypsonians [must] have their rehearsals. The committee not allowing the calypsonians to have rehearsal now deters that participant,” she said.
Webster said that the court has ordered that no further signing of any documents is required for her to perform.
“At 8:45pm Michael Granger texted and advised: You will perform at number six, this is the only number left, knowing fully well the malice behaviour done by himself as well as partner Radjouki [SCDF President Edwardo Radjouki] deterred me from having an official practice and having knowledge that the contract was now breached.
“This was a save-face attempt, like expecting to win the lotto jackpot without a ticket. This is the hand I was dealt,” she concluded.

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