Reggae-Dancehall artiste Capleton issues warning about petty thieves “Watch Out Fi Dem!”

June 28, 2023  -Jamaican entertainer Capleton is one of the most consistent artistes in reggae-dancehall. He arrived on the scene in the late 1980s and began delivering hits from the very beginning.

In 2023, the man affectionately referred to as King Shango is still at it. Capleton’s latest single is Watch Out Fi Dem, a song in which he warns about the upsurge of petty thieves in society.

Based on the references made on this record, one can only assume that it was inspired, at least in-part, by the recent yeng yeng bike robberies in Jamaica

As he has consistently done throughout his career, the Grammy-nominated deejay again tackles a very serious issue; but does so in a manner that makes it not just palatable to listeners who may otherwise reject such a message, but also entertaining.

Recorded on the Passion Fruit RiddimWatch Out Fi Dem is produced by Pandemic Records & Entertainment LLC. The Passion Fruit rhythm-driven compilation also features Yahdeen Essence, Ras Kronik , and Sizzla Kalonji.

It is available on Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, and all other music platforms worldwide.

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