Record low entries: Grammy Awards 2024 sees only 65 submissions in Reggae category

October 12, 2023  -The final-round voting for the prestigious 66th Annual Grammy Awards has begun. A World Music Views (WMV) article highlights that in this critical phase, Grammy voters are evaluating entries across 88 of the 94 Grammy categories, while the nominees in the remaining six categories are determined by specialized committees.

Trends emerging in entry lists

As Grammy voters delve into the extensive entry lists, several trends have come to light.

One notable development is the decrease in entries within three of the highly coveted “General Field” categories, often referred to as the “Big Four.”

This shift may be attributed to the Recording Academy’s relatively new policy, now in its second year, of imposing a fee for entries beyond the initial five “courtesy entries.”

  • Best Reggae Album faces a slight dip: The “Best Reggae Album” category has seen a minor decrease, with 65 submissions this year, down from 67 in the previous year and 125 in the year prior.
  • The disparity in entry numbers: Comparatively, the “Song of the Year” category boasts a staggering 642 entries, a number 23 times greater than the least populated category, “Best Opera Recording,” which tallied only 28 entries.
  • Noteworthy changes in “Record of the Year” and “Album of the Year”: “Record of the Year” features 615 entries, a marginal decline from 619 last year, while “Album of the Year” exhibits a more substantial reduction, with 476 entries, marking the lowest submission count since 2005. In the “Song of the Year” category, there are 642 entries, down from 686 previously.

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