Record drug seizures in the Caribbean due to enhanced information

May 19, 2023  -THE HAGUE, WILLEMSTAD – Last year, in collaboration with various partners, the Caribbean Coast Guard intercepted nearly 35 tons of drugs, marking the highest drug confiscation in the region for a single year. The significant increase can be attributed to improved access to information, according to the annual report submitted today by Minister Kajsa Ollongren to the Dutch House of Representatives. 

The Coast Guard successfully intercepted almost thirty thousand kilograms of cocaine and over five thousand kilograms of marijuana in the same period. Cooperation with the US Coast Guard and the deployment of the Defense station ship were crucial to these achievements. 

This represents a substantial increase compared to the previous year when total seizures amounted to nearly ten thousand kilograms. Several factors contributed to this rise, including the greater impact of Covid-19 and reduced illicit activities in 2021. Additionally, the Ministry of Defense had a station ship permanently stationed in the region throughout 2022, unlike the previous year. Furthermore, enhanced information availability and intensified collaboration with partners played a significant role. 

Alongside drug seizures, there was also an increase in the discovery of undocumented individuals and illegal firearms compared to 2021. In 2022, the Coast Guard rescued nearly six hundred people, a significant rise from the previous year’s 53. The improved access to information was a key factor in these accomplishments. 

Annual Report Highlights 

The annual report also highlights the Caribbean Coast Guard’s emphasis on integrity, communication, safety, and environmental concerns in 2022. A secure working environment is vital for the Coast Guard, ensuring the physical and social well-being of its personnel. 

An active communication policy is essential for an organization that frequently features in the news. Efforts were also made to enhance the employability of the staff. 

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