Prime Minister announces Election 2024 Dates

August 30, 2023  -PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten— The Government of Sint Maarten, in close collaboration with the Central Voting Bureau, is pleased to announce the finalized dates for the upcoming 2024 elections. After a diligent and comprehensive process, the government has received confirmation from the Central Voting Bureau, ensuring that the chosen dates will not impede any concurrent processes.
Nathalie Tackling, Chairperson of the Central Voting Bureau, acknowledged the collaborative efforts between the government and the Voting Bureau. “Choosing election dates isn’t just about logistics; it’s about safeguarding the transparent, fair, and inclusive democratic process we cherish in Sint Maarten. After thorough analysis, we’re confident that these dates reflect the best balance between legal requirements and the practical realities of our community.”
Tackling added, “Our primary mission at the Central Voting Bureau is unwavering: to uphold the highest standards and ensure every voice is heard and counted. We encourage everyone to participate actively and make this election a testament of our unity and shared vision for the future.”
The key dates for the 2024 election process are as follows:
⦁ Deadline for Registration of New Political Parties: October 11, 2023
⦁ Nomination Day: November 22, 2023
⦁ Election Day: January 11, 2024
⦁ Installation of Parliament: February 10, 2024
These dates will allow political parties and citizens ample time to prepare for a successful democratic exercise. The Sint Maarten Government and the Central Voting Bureau appreciate the patience and understanding of the public during this process.
Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs emphasized the importance of a meticulous and coordinated approach in setting the election dates. “Our commitment to transparency, accountability, and a fair electoral process has guided every step of this endeavor. We understand the significance of providing ample time for political campaigns, informed decision-making by our citizens, and a smooth transition of power if the need arises.”

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