Prime Minister and Minister in charge of Environment and Nature meet with organized group of dive schools

July 12, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – Prime Minister Gilmar Pisas who is also the Minister in charge of Environment and Nature held a meeting with an organized group of dive schools, representatives from water sports organizations in our territorial waters and seas, as well as representatives from local businesses in the tourism industry on July 6, 2023. 

The meeting took place in a positive atmosphere where everyone present was able to contribute their input and ideas to the plan. 

Discussions also focused on how to communicate and work together on a project with the main goal of rescuing and protecting our underwater nature and beaches. 

Some of these representatives have been advocating for almost 30 years to be heard by successive governments, in order to emphasize the importance of rescuing and protecting our underwater nature. 

This also applies to our beaches, so that future generations can enjoy and appreciate the natural beauty we have. 

This marks the beginning where the minister listens, takes action, and provides space for contributions. 

As indicated, the concept of the law is in a phase where the group can provide their input and continue exchanging ideas on this matter. 

In the future, more groups and ministries will be involved until a law is established where everyone is on the same page. 

The project needs to progress as quickly as possible, considering that the underwater environment is facing challenges that are becoming even more significant each day. 

The groups were encouraged to present their ideas, which will contribute to the development of a document that will guide their path forward. 

Lastly, Prime Minister Pisas mentioned that more detailed information will follow once an official document is available for review. 

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