Possible gas extraction between Aruba and Curaçao

April 14, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD, ORANJESTAD – Aruba wants to talk to Curaçao about an investigation into gas, which may lie between the waters of the two islands. The government of Aruba is in talks with Repsol, a Spanish investor.  

The company has announced that it wants to spend more than 200 million dollars to finance research into gas extraction. Minister Glenbert Croes of Aruba has indicated that he wants to continue with the investor. That is why he also wants to talk to Prime Minister Gilmar Pisas, to see what opportunities there are for both islands.  

‘Compania Arubano di Petroleo’ has contacted the oil and gas company of Curaçao ‘Kompania di Petroli i Gas Kòrsou’. The outcome of the initial talks has not yet been announced. 

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