Police Special operation Team Takes Action, Enforces Law and Safety on Sint Maarten’s Roads

September 11, 2023   -In a resolute effort to maintain law and order on Sint Maarten, the Police Force of Sint Maarten’s Special operation Team has taken decisive action during the second week of September. The team carried out a series of operations aimed at ensuring the safety and security of the community.

During this week-long operation, the operation Team conducted thorough vehicle checks at various key locations, including the waterfront road, Octavius L Richardson road, and W.J.A Nisbeth road. The primary focus was on ensuring compliance with traffic regulations and curbing illicit activities that threaten the well-being on the island.

Key highlights of the operation:
235 Vehicle Inspections:
The Special Team stopped and inspected 235 cars, to ensure that all vehicles on the road met the necessary safety and legal standards.
In addition to cars, the team also targeted scooter riders, conducting 19 inspections to ensure they were in compliance with the law.
Fines totaling 121 were issued during the operation. These fines were primarily related to various traffic violations, including seat-belt infractions, tinted windows, and other technical aspects of the vehicles.

The operation yielded results in the fight against illegal activities. The officers confiscated drugs and a knife.

The operation also extended beyond traffic controls. The Special Team ventured into areas where narcotics were suspected to be sold, including Nik-Spring Drive, Cay Bay, and the Hope Estate area. These efforts underscore the police force’s commitment to addressing issues that directly affect the well-being of our community.

This operation is part of an ongoing initiative by the Police Force of Sint Maarten to maintain law and order on the island. We want to reassure the community that these types of operations will continue as we strive to create a safe and secure environment.

The Police Force of Sint Maarten like to thank the community for their ongoing support and cooperation in our efforts to keeping Sint Maarten a safe.

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