Police Force of Sint Maarten issues warning to persons shooting water or Orbeez fill gel balls at persons and vehicles.

June 17, 2023  -The Sint Maarten Police Force is issuing a stern warning to the individuals regarding a dangerous trend    where persons are being shot at with water or gel-filled balls, the so-called the “Orbeez-Challenge.”

This challenge involves filling blasters or toy guns with Orbeez gel-filled balls and shooting them on unexpected students, persons, pedestrians and vehicles while recording the interactions.

KPSM and the community officers have also received reports of such incidents occurring among students from various schools in St. Maarten. Innocent persons students’ pedestrians and vehicles are being targeted and shot at with these water or gel fill balls

The Sint Maarten Police Force strongly condemns this act, as it not only endangers public safety but also constitutes a violation of the law. Participating in this activity can have severe consequences, including criminal charges, legal actions, and lasting repercussions on an individual’s personal record.

KPSM would like to highlight the following concerns associated with the “This act”:

Physical Harm: Shooting Orbeez gel fill balls, especially when done with force or at close range, can cause physical harm, discomfort, or injury to individuals who are targeted. The gel-filled balls can be hazardous, particularly if they come into contact with sensitive areas such as the eyes or face.

Emotional Distress: The victims who are not expecting such an attack of they may experience emotional trauma, distress, and anxiety. Being subjected to such incidents without consent can have a detrimental impact on the mental well-being of individuals.

Engaging in activities that involve shooting objects at persons can raise significant concerns among the public. These incidents may prompt law enforcement agencies to respond urgently to ensure public safety, potentially leading to escalated encounters and legal consequences for those involved.

The Sint Maarten Police Force urges students, parents, and community members to refrain from participating in this act or these types of challenges. Instead, we encourage engaging in positive and safe recreational activities that foster unity, respect, and well-being.

The Sint Maarten Police Force is actively investigating these incidents.

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