Police Force of Sint Maarten Executes House Search and Arrests in Ongoing Human Smuggling Investigation

July 11, 2023  -The Police Force of Sint Maarten, in collaboration with the immigration department, conducted a targeted operation on Tuesday morning to address an ongoing investigation into human smuggling. As part of this operation, house searches were conducted at two locations: Nick Spring Drive in Dutch Quarter and Statia Drive.

During the executed house searches, three individuals with the initials A.E. M, being a male 48 years of age, I.B, being a female 47 years of age and D.S.W, being a male 31

years of age were arrested and subsequently brought to the police station in Philipsburg.

A substantial amount of money along with documents and one vehicle were

also confiscated during this operation.  All suspects are currently in custody and undergoing questioning.

These items confiscated will be subject to meticulous examination and will, further bolstering our efforts to dismantle the human smuggling operation and hold the suspects accountable.

The Police Force would like to express sincere appreciation to the personnel of the immigration department for their assistance during the operation. The collaboration between the Police Force and the immigration department is a testament to our joint commitment to protecting our borders and ensuring the well-being of individuals residing in Sint Maarten.

We encourage anyone with information pertaining to human smuggling or any other criminal activities to come forward and cooperate with law enforcement. if they have

information regarding human smuggling or trafficking, to make this known and to contact the Sint Maarten Police Force, telephone number +1721-5422222, ext 614/604.

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