Police are looking for dangerous suspect

May 5, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – The police have issued a search notice for a 28-year-old suspect of Venezuelan origin, identified as Angel Atillio Perez Quintanillo, also known as Chamo. He is wanted for suspected attempted murder and violation of firearms laws. The exact nature of his alleged involvement has not been disclosed. 

Atillio Perez is described as being 1.87 meters tall, with a slim build, black hair, a light complexion, and an oval face. He has two distinctive tattoos, one on his right wrist and the other on his left forearm. 

The police are urging anyone with information on the whereabouts of Atillio Perez to come forward and contact the authorities at 917, 911, 724-6241, or 724-6243. 

It is important for the community to work together with law enforcement to ensure the safety of all residents. Anyone with relevant information is encouraged to report it to the authorities without delay, to help bring the suspect to justice. 

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