PM Rowley appeals to Canada for support in CARICOM’s battle against crime

October 22, 2023  -In a bid to address the escalating issue of crime in the Caribbean region, Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley, has requested Canada’s support during the inaugural day of the three-day Canada-CARICOM Summit in Ottawa.

A cry for help

Dr. Rowley emphasized the pressing need for immediate intervention to tackle the rising tide of violence, specifically honing in on the illicit trade of firearms and ammunition plaguing the Caribbean.

He pointed out that the region has witnessed a disturbing surge in the daily usage of illegal arms, resulting in a grim statistic of 15 daily fatalities due to violent incidents.

Mounting security concerns

Highlighting the dire implications of these developments, Prime Minister Rowley underscored the heightened risks to national security.

He noted that criminal organizations have grown increasingly adept at arming themselves, transforming into formidable “killing machines” that pose a severe threat to the region’s stability.

A timely summit

The Canada-CARICOM Summit serves as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s second major engagement with regional leaders this year.

It provides a platform for dialogues aimed at fostering cooperation and addressing shared concerns, with the urgent matter of crime prevention now occupying a central role in the discussions.

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