PM Mercelina visits Trimbos

July 9, 2024  -Prime Minister of Sint Maarten Visits Trimbos Institute to Boost Mental Health Collaborations

Utrecht – The Trimbos Institute proudly welcomed the Honorable Prime Minister Dr. Luc Mercelina, Deputy Minister Plenipotentiary, Drs. Gracita R. Arrindell, NRPB and two representatives of the Ministry of Health of Sint Maarten. This groundbreaking visit aimed to exchange knowledge, share best practices in mental health and addiction, and provide vital insights into the mental health and substance use priorities for Sint Maarten.
The delegation, initiated by the Sint Maarten government, sought to leverage the Trimbos Institute’s expertise in developing community mental health services, promoting mental health prevention across all age groups, integrating mental health and substance use services, and mobilizing communities for better mental health outcomes.
“Financed by the Trust Fund, Trimbos will work closely together with the Mental Health Foundation, the Ministry of VSA and the NRPB on improving Sint Maarten’s mental health sector.”
As the leading Expertisecentre in Mental Health, the Trimbos Institute eagerly shared comprehensive information, addressing the unique context and challenges faced by Sint Maarten.
“Our mission is to ensure that every person in Sint Maarten has access to the mental health support they need,” declared Dr. Luc Mercelina. “Given our specific context, we advocate for a pragmatic and holistic approach to addressing mental health and substance use. We aim to ensure that all residents of Sint Maarten can access a comprehensive range of mental health services, from initiatives that enhance social support, resilience, and mental well-being to those aiding recovery from mental illness and addiction. The collaboration with Trimbos Institute is a significant step towards achieving this mission.”
The visit included captivating presentations, spirited discussions, and a dynamic Q&A session. Dr. Mercelina, a renowned surgeon with a deep interest in the health and well-being of young people, expressed particular enthusiasm for these topics. The delegation was inspired by Trimbos Institute’s international projects, such as the MENSANA project in Moldova, and appreciated the tour of the Enik Recovery College, a model of best practice in mental health recovery.
“This successful visit has set the stage for stronger mental health care on St.Maarten , particularly in public mental health prevention, promotion, and care,” added Dr. Mercelina. “We are committed to working collaboratively to improve mental health outcomes for all our communities.”
“This initiative highlights the shared commitment to improving mental health and addiction care for St. Maarten.”

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