PM Jacobs retained as NA leader, Doran announced as Deputy leader

June 26, 2023  -The Daily Herald  News -MADAME ESTATE–Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs was retained as National Alliance (NA) leader and VROMI Minister Egbert Doran announced as the party’s deputy leader during the party’s congress held at Aleeze Convention Center on Sunday.

Doran replaces Rodolphe Samuel, the sitting Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport (ECYS) as NA Deputy Leader. An interim board was also put in place during the well-attended event.

The interim board consists of Lenny Priest, who retains the post of board President; Roy Lynch as Vice President; General Secretary Cindy-Lee Doran; Deputy General Secretary Glenicia Mitchell; General Treasurer Christian Grannum; Deputy General Treasurer Sjemila Williams-Webster; board member Travis McQuilkin; Leader Jacobs and Deputy Leader Doran.

One of the highlights was the calling up of 19 NA candidates who graced the stage to the beats of live drumming and celebratory roars of applause from the audience.

Called up were Dimar Labega; Darryl York; first time candidate Lisa Alexander (who was not present on stage); Charlon Pompier; Kenny Faustin; Cloyd “Ohndhae” Marlin; Shamire Connor; Luis Hurtault; Meredith Concincion; Dimitri Beauperthuy; Members of Parliament (MPs) George Pantophlet, Hyacinth Richardson and Angelique Romou; Minister Plenipotentiary Rene Violenus; and Ministers Rodolphe Samuel, Anna Richardson, Ardwell Irion, Doran and Jacobs.

Other highlights of the congress were speeches by NA Faction Leader William Marlin, who called up other NA MPs while he addressed the audience, as well as brief presentations by each sitting NA minister: Samuel, Irion; Doran, Richardson and Jacobs, who all highlighted some of the accomplishments achieved during their tenure.

One common thread during the various speeches was that the NA was a team of one with many repeating the slogan “We are one”, and that the sitting administration is on its way to create history, being the first government since the country attained its status as country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands to sit for the full period of four years.

Guest speaker at the event was Leopold Merrick, while Darin “King Verse” Hodge delivered a motivational speech.

A number of persons were also honoured, including some posthumously, towards the end of the event. Honourees included Leonidas Friday, former Finance Minister Richard Gibson, MP Marlin, Myrtle Jacinth Bryan Labega, Elaine Gumbs-Vlaun, Alfonso Washington, Claudette LaBega, Elton Jones, Vinceth Doncher, Charles Maynard, Paul Peterson, Edilio “Pachie” Jonis, Dr. Zuwena Richardson, Rayenne Ranis and, posthumously, Vance James Jr., Ben Vlaun, Rudy Balboda and R. Maynard.

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