Pisas finds Mutual Arrangement a unique opportunity

April 12, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – The agreements laid down in the Mutual Arrangement are in favor of Curaçao. This is according to Prime Minister Gilmar Pisas in a press conference on Wednesday. The Mutual Arrangement is a mutual arrangement in which there is cooperation and autonomy is not affected.  

With these agreements, reforms must be implemented to improve the economy and increase the administrative power of the countries. “The Mutual Arrangement is a unique opportunity to pull our country out of the financial and economic crisis. If the country does not comply with the agreements, supervision will come from the Netherlands,” said Pisas.  

The prime minister adds that he can never guarantee that the other countries will comply with the agreements. He emphasized that Curaçao must adhere to the agreements.  

Caryl Monte, chairman of the National Reform Commission, says that 911 million guilders has been borrowed from the Netherlands and that will be repaid in parts. This must be repaid from October 2023. According to Monte, the possibility of refinancing the loan was discussed during an administrative Four Country Consultation.  

Monte says that the Netherlands understands that it is currently impossible to repay. He adds that there is no other mechanism to think of because that would affect the autonomy of Curaçao.  

The scheme has a term of 4 years and within that period all agreements must be implemented. 

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