Phillip spoke with Charlotte Brookson Academy students as part of Bridge to Bold

June 29, 2023  -(BOWIE, Md.) – CNN anchor and senior political correspondent Abby Phillip met with performing arts students from the Charlotte Brookson Academy (CBA) for the Performing Arts in Sint Maarten as a part of Bowie State University’s inaugural Bridge to Bold summer program.

Phillip met with the students in the Dionne Warwick Theater where she spoke with them about the challenges of being a performer, owning their space and having confidence in themselves.

“Initially I was like what could I offer to students in the arts as someone who works in media and journalism,” said Phillip. “There’s a lot of shared experiences, and also an opportunity to talk to and mentor people who are younger and coming up.”

Phillip also spoke with the CBA students about how she got her start in journalism and some of the ups and downs she experienced during her career, such as pushing through mental fatigue in the field or navigating microaggressions in the office. She closed the conversation with the students by challenging them to be open to self-discovery as they learn and grow.

“In every younger person there’s a version of yourself,” said Phillip. “I see myself in them, and I hope they see themselves in me. It’s about telling them what I wish someone had told me when I was their age. It’s about passing on what I’ve learned.”

The CBA students were the first cohort for the Bridge to Bold program, a summer exchange program centered around topics such as animation, graphic design, filmmaking and fashion design. The program’s goal is the creation of recruitment channels for CBA students to enroll at Bowie State by exposing them to the campus, professors and facilities the university has to offer.

“It’s been amazing,” said Shevonni Boodram, a rising senior at Charlotte Brookson Academy. “I have been so inspired. Once I came here, it’s been eye-opening. The people here are amazing and friendly. Everything about this place is amazing. I’m coming here. This is where I want to be.”

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