May 21, 2023  –Philipsburg, -On May 20, 2023. Peridot Foundation President states: “Its not an easy mission by any stretch of the imagination keeping the doors open and offer shelter for battered women and children in Sint Maarten. Safe Haven’s consecutive boards and management worked tirelessly to help women and their families through what can arguably be the toughest times of their lives. Safe Haven’s presence and the critical role it plays in our society’s safety network is warranted, appreciated and must continue to be supported by everyone. This includes receiving much needed and continuous support from our business community as well. Gender Based violence, Domestic violence, Relational violence remains a very delicate matter that affects us all, directly or indirectly”

Arrindell continued: “It was a pleasure to celebrate this milestone in the presence of a diverse group of participants attending the seminar on the subject ‘Gender Based Violence’ ( GBV). Keynote-speakers from Aruba Ms. Cynthia Quant Gender Based Violence Coordinator and Mr. Brian Verschuur, a Positive Masculinity Officer, made a very sensitive subject (GBV) recognizable by engaging the very appreciative attendees in their presentation.”

Gracita concludes: I firmly believe there’s a lot of room left to achieve a better quality of life for all here in Sint Maarten once we commit to working together in combatting violence in general and gender based violence in particular.

Peridot Foundation applauds the current board and its managing director Ms. Rachida Boyrad for a job well done. Continue the good work at Safe Haven on behalf and for our community. God  Bless and strengthen you in all that you do to make our island a more kinder and Safer nation.

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