Parliamentary debate in The Hague on financial supervision in Aruba and education in Curaçao

June 16, 2023  -THE HAGUE – Next week, the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament will hold two two-minute debates on Caribbean subjects. Two-minute debates, named as such because each faction has two minutes of speaking time, are intended for submitting motions. 

One debate was requested by Joba van den Berg (CDA). She has doubts about the independence of the baseline measurement regarding the state of education in Curaçao due to the involvement of the inspection in the investigation. “The butcher who inspects his own meat,” she previously said about it. Referring to the criticism from the education field about the report, Van den Berg would prefer the research to be carried out by a genuinely independent organization. This was also agreed upon in the framework of the Country Package. 

The other debate concerns the absence of the Kingdom Act for financial supervision in Aruba and the willingness of State Secretary Van Huffelen to refinance the expiring corona loan in October, despite this. The debate was requested by VVD Member of Parliament Roelien Kamminga. 

Regarding the intention of the Chamber to take into account the time difference when planning debates on subjects related to the Caribbean part of the Kingdom, little progress has been made once again. Those who want to follow the debates via the livestream from the islands will have to set their alarms for Wednesday. The first debate begins at 10:15 am, followed by the second one at 10:35 am. 

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