Parliament files complaint against Rennox Calmes MP

April 19, 2023  –WILLEMSTAD – Parliament has filed a criminal complaint against Member of Parliament Rennox Calmes of the opposition party Trabou pa Kòrsou (TPK) at the Public Prosecution Service via the National Investigation Department. President of Parliament Charetti America-Francisca states in the press release it is the responsibility of Parliament to inform the public, especially considering the consternation this may cause within the community. 

The President also states that there is no intention to tarnish the name or reputation of any person or entity. 

Currently, Parliament has six (6) factions, and each faction can have a maximum of two (2) collaborators to assist them in their parliamentary work. When a faction wants to take on a collaborator in their service, the following process is followed. 

Firstly, the faction leader makes a written request. Along with this request, information is also sent about the candidate for the collaborator position. This information includes a resume (CV) of the person concerned and information about their entry or salary. The Human Resources department of Parliament, along with the Clerk, evaluates this information. Based on this, advice is given to the Domestic Affairs Committee, which is the authorized committee to make decisions regarding personnel and collaborators in Parliament. 

The President of Parliament explains that recently, the TPK made a request to take on collaborator(s) in their service and submitted the necessary documents according to the procedure. Evaluation of these documents raised valid questions, including about the authenticity of the information that was provided. Parliament itself has no instrument to verify the information but given the circumstances and events that provide sufficient reason to doubt the information that has been given, the Domestic Affairs Committee has decided to conduct a more in-depth investigation. 

In this context, the committee has given a mandate to its president, who is also the President of Parliament, to file a criminal complaint to the Public Prosecutor’s Office through the National Detective for possible punishable acts in the process of selecting one or more collaborators for the TPK faction. 

By doing so, Parliament will have no influence on the way the investigation will be conducted or its outcome and will avoid any possible conflict of interest. It is up to the relevant authorities of the Public Prosecutor’s Office to determine how to proceed with an investigation in this specific case. While this investigation is taking place, it is not appropriate for Parliament to provide any further information on this matter. We trust that the authorities will do their job without hindrance and within the framework of rules and laws. 

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