September 26, 2023  -The Special Operations Team of the Police Force of Sint Maarten (KPSM) l executed and coordinated several operations during the week of September 18th to September 20th, 2023. These operations were aimed at enhancing public safety and maintaining law and order within the community of Sint Maarten.
The operations encompassed various areas across the island.

Key achievements of the operations include:
⦁ Traffic Control and Enforcement:
⦁ A total of 110 cars and 08 scooters/motorcycles were stopped and thoroughly inspected.
⦁ Two scooters were confiscated due to technical non-compliance with the law.
⦁ 25 drivers were engaged in discussions regarding tinted windows, emphasizing the importance of compliance with regulations.
⦁ Issuance of Fines:
⦁ A total of 70 fines were issued for various infractions, ensuring that offenders are held accountable for their actions.
⦁ Drug Seizure:
⦁ The team successfully confiscated 114 grams of illicit drugs, contributing to the fight against drug-related issues on the island.
⦁ Arrests:
⦁ J.A. was arrested in connection with threatening officers and resisting arrest in the Dutch Quarter area.
⦁ Suspect Y.G. was arrested for being in possession of narcotics.
⦁ M.H. was arrested for possession of narcotics and an illegal firearm.
⦁ These suspects were promptly apprehended, brought to the Philipsburg police station, and processed according to the law.
⦁ Narcotics Control:
⦁ The team conducted thorough inspections in several areas suspected of illegal narcotics trade, including Back Street, Hope Estate,

Middle Region, Maho, Cay-Bay, and Melford Hazel Sport Park on Soualiga Road.
⦁ These operations will continue as part of our ongoing commitment to combat narcotics-related crimes in Sint Maarten.
KPSM remain steadfast in our mission to maintain a safe and secure environment for all residents and visitors.

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